Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is it fall yet?

September is by the far the BEST month ever. Why you may ask? The fall leaves, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and cozy sweaters? Well, uuhh sure. But it also happens to be..... the month in which my birthday is!

The festivities started with a delicious dinner out with Ryan's family at DiCristina's in Covington. I had the shrimp ravioli in a cream sauce with fresh crabmeat in there as well.. Mmmmm it was delish! And that was followed by Tiramisu which is my all time favorite dessert!

Part two was on Saturday when Ryan and I took a trip to explore New Orleans and visit the Audubon Aquarium.

Things started smelling a little fishy....

Most people come here for the scrumptious Pralines, but you'll most likely get a cavity from the mere smell of pure sugar and chocolate here!

Seafood lovers would die to see how fresh everything is here in the French Market!

I must say I felt very loved from both those near and far.

Packages from home are the best! Thanks Ing!

And my dear husband got me an iPod nano!!!... love the color too!!!

As always, cooking is still a trait in which I am a novice. But some of this months new recipes have me a little  nostalgic. 

 ((RECIPES FROM my Kessler Family Cookbook: "Tenderloin To Fall in Love With" & Pineapple Cheesecake .... thanks you guys!!!))

Sooo I attempted...

And successfullly made my own....

...Chai mix!.. it tastes just like Perc Place's!

I also tried my hand at Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms.. they were yum!

After having some of this with friends.. we decided we would make some of our own Homemade Eggplant & Sausage Pizza

Ryan was proud...and it was... perfecto!

Ahhh yes, candied bacon. A very sinful treat... but luckily that's why I shared this batch with the youth group. There is nooooo way Ryan and I would've eaten this on our own.

Ryan has taken on his role as a teacher quite well. And I must say, he is one handsome looking teacher!

Although, when he's not writing lesson plans, grading tests and quizzes.... he's still Ryan ;) 

Northlake Christian dominated in a Friday football game. It was great to be there and cheer them on!

We officially joined PAC! It's an awesome facility and we got a great deal since Ryan works at Northlake. We love it.. and we have some goals for the coming months, and we're sticking to 'em!


One man's junk could be another man's treasure??

We went to some local consignment shops and scored a few things to decorate the apartment with.

^^ Cream Nectar Snoball^^
We are devouring one of Lousiana's most well know summer treats..the SNOBALL. For the peeps back home, yes, it is spelled that way, and no we aren't eating plan fresh fallen snow. It is wayyy better than what some might know as snow cones, and even better than Hawaiian shaved ice.

We love this treat so much! And we wish that there was one closer to us in Covington, but the closest one is in Mandeville (about 10 minutes away). Ryan and I have discussed the possibility of opening a snoball stand. Ryan being a teacher with summers off, and Covington in need of good snoball stand...it could be a fun investment . Plenty would need to line up in order to make it happen.. but we're still dreaming about it for the future  :)

What better thing to do on a rainy day?
Feed the ducks of course!
We like this tradition... okay I LOVE this tradition!

A little spontaneity one morning brought me to the lake front. I was so needing this. It was about 75 degrees out, plugged in my headphones, and walked about 2 miles round trip. I looked at the water so much and it was as calm as can be and God was just showing me such a beautiful physical representation of His peace.

We finally got to do one of our date ideas from the Bridal Shower... and this I believe was written by Lil Audge back home. And the date idea was: MAKE A KITE. We gathered all the necessary tools and supplies from home depot. And it is STILL in process we started it on Saturday and we will show the finished product for next months update... after all the work that's already been put into it, we hope it works! 

Our little herb garden is doing pretty good. We have basil, mint, cilantro, and parsley. Ryan is itching to get more and I think he's caught the gardening bug... too bad we can only have potted plants for now  :(

I had the honor of joining my good friend Sarah at her bridal shower...she is an amazing women and a wonderful friend, and she deserves so many blessings for her and her fiance!

A gender reveal party for the newest Mercier was held over the weekend. Quite the bash. We had to dress in the color in which we thought the baby would be... and well...

(Cole's face is priceless by the way...hehehe)