Thursday, February 28, 2013

Here we go!

     93. The number of days that I have until I say words that will forever change my life. I do. So simple, so short and sweet. I can close my eyes even now and picture exactly what that moment will be like when I see Ryan from the end of aisle for the first time. First off, I know his manly fa├žade will quickly be replaced with tears since he has told me such himself. Once that day comes, I will have packed up most of my material possessions, and already be envisioning our honeymoon spot on the wonderful beaches of Punta Canta. Now, in my eyes, the contents of my life wouldn’t even come close to fitting in a 5' x 7' cargo trailer, because my life is much more than material things. My family and friends here in Wisconsin is all I’ve really known for the 22 years I’ve been around. And people have asked me the proverbial question, “Are you going to miss home?” Of course I am! There’s no place like home, but I’m confident in the chapter ahead. 

     There may be plenty of unknowns in the path ahead, but it’s truly learning to lean on the Lord for EVERYTHING. It’s made me look at my life in a whole new way. I have constantly reminded myself the firm foundation that God has placed me on and that the Lord is my source of all hope and He is my rock. Although I will be leaving my parent’s home, they have passed their blessing on and are standing in agreement with Ryan and myself for the provision, protection, and plan that God has for the two of us. Support is huge in this whole transition in life. Every bit counts. And somehow it’s all the little things that I am beginning to notice. 

     To hear how happy people are for both Ryan and I makes me that much more excited to walk life out with him. We’ve endured a long distance relationship for this long and ….well....”it’s for the birds…” as Ryan would say. You may be wondering though, how’s a Wisconsinite girl like me gonna fit in with all those Southern Louisianans? In due time is the simplest answer I can give you. : ) Somehow I see the phrases “Don’t cha know?” and “Hey yah?” will become a tad bit obsolete once I am down there. “Y’all” doesn’t exactly roll off my tongue the same way, but there’s no reason that all those phrases can’t inhabit the same body. :) Don’t you worry……what’s that old saying “You can take the girl out of the Midwest, but you can’t take the Midwest out of the girl” Yeah…. Something like that. ;)

This blog is for friends and family alike, and all who are interested in the happenings of this yankee bride and my southern groom.

-Audrey Kim