Monday, May 27, 2013

5 days til THE BEST DAY EVER!

Some people have asked me.. "Can you believe it? It's only days away!" And my response is a resounding.. YES! I have waited what seems like forever, but now the time is ever so close and my excitement is bubbling over. As I look at Saturday's forecast, check my e-mail, write notes, pack, organize, and run little errands here and there... I am amazed at how time is flying by.

What God has done to change my life in the past three years of knowing Ryan is remarkable. I feel like stepping into this new phase of life right now is the perfect timing of God. He has been the orchestrator and cheerleader for Ryan and I, encouraging us to never give up despite all the miles and trials we've endured apart.

Weddings are certainly a time to bring people together and reunite. In the next couple days I'll see my brother from Arizona and his wife and two boys. It feels like ages since I've seen them, and I'll be meeting one of my nephews for the first time! Family and friends surrounding Ryan and I are what makes me honestly the most excited about this weekend. Ryan's family along with his friends and pastors are coming to visit from out of town. Even an old internship buddy, Aaron O'Neal, is making it in all the way from Texas. I want to just freeze time for a little while, just so I can enjoy this many loved ones being in one place at the same time! Wouldn't that be awesome??

To all those that have helped and are helping us out with all the planning and preparation... THANK YOU!! Oh my goodness, what a daunting task planning a wedding is, and you all made it so much easier!!

I want to leave my Wisconsin folk with my farewells... but they're more like 'See you laters', because I'll be back to visit, and you will see many fun updates on here about our endeavors in Louisiana. So I'll do my best not to be a stranger :)

Much Love,
Audrey Kim

P.S. For any of those capturing pictures of our big day... we'd love to see the photos. Do us a quick favor, if you have a smartphone, download the free "Wedding Party" App, and put in the wedding name "merciernelsonwedding" and post your pics there! That'd be awesome!!!