Monday, June 24, 2013

{Newlywed Life - 23 days young}

We’re married!! A phrase that Ryan and I are still finding ourselves saying in awe that we’re finally together!!!

We have made it into the hot and humid lands of Louisiana. Approximately 1,040 miles away from the only home I've ever known, but now I have started a new home with my husband of 23 days! I can hardly believe 23 days went by… it’s been a whirlwind for sure.

We were so happy with how the wedding turned out and all the family and friends that supported us on that day. The help we received to have a wonderful new start as husband and wife is truly incredibly.

We are blessed to have God as our ultimate provider and encouragement in this new adventure.

So now for some newlywed things to report…
     We’ve learned that reconciling our decorating opinions can be tricky, but we’ve successfully purchased some statement pieces to add to the living room. More creative and fun ideas to follow.
     I successfully made my first dinner in the apartment. Lasagna paired with a salad, and Peach Cobbler for dessert. It was good, not like Martha Stewart worthy or anything but a good start for this new cook. I have to learn how to plan better for the shelf life and refrigerator life of foods. The art of freezing and meal planning shall be a new skill to develop.
     Also, I have a car! A new-to-me 2003 Toyota Camry, courtesy of Ryan’s uncle who gave us a great deal on it and it’s in excellent condition. No more being stranded at the apartment. Wahoo!
     I am currently still looking for a job, specifically administrative. I had nannied for a family as a trial period earlier this week, in which the circumstances of the parents along with the children were not a good fit for me and I decided to continue job searching. If you live in Louisiana and know of anyone near Covington looking for someone for administrative/receptionist work – please let me know : ) I am remaining diligent in searching as well as knowing that God has just the right place for me.
     Meanwhile, Ryan is bringing home the bacon, while also looking for a career job much more suited to his Microbiology Degree. God’s timing is an interesting thing and Ryan and I are not strangers to this fact. But our faith is being stretched and our eyes are being lifted to the One who sees our beginnings, our ends, our seasons, and our circumstances.

     Lastly, I have been overwhelmed with the welcoming heart that everyone has extended towards me. From Ryan's family to his friends, they are wonderful. Souls Harbor Church where Ryan and I attend, have instantly felt like family, and I am so grateful to have transitioned into a local church that is so involved, so alive, and so about bringing about change and freedom to God’s people for His glory :) And it will be an honor to one day help lead worship along side of Ryan. And an answer to prayer in my heart is that there is a great woman of God who also plays a stringed instrument on the team, and I have always wanted to worship with another stringed instrument player. It’ll be fun!

    All of this does not take away from the fact that I dearly miss everyone back home. From my immediate family all the way to the kiddos I used to nanny for. Everyone there means so much to me and I want to be consistent in staying connected. I've made one relationship work from 1,000 miles away, that doesn't mean I can’t make multiple relationships stay refreshed the same way. Of course Ryan and I will visit, because Christmas is not Christmas without snow ;) And feel free to Skype me. When we get more settled and figure out a steadier budget, we’ll be getting internet in the apartment. For now we can access it through our phones and through the clubhouse that is on the property of the apartment complex.

    For those of you awaiting thank you notes.. I promise I’m getting them done! My hand cramped up several times tonight, but you will get them within the week!

Ryan and I love you all and we can’t wait to share more of what we’re up to !!


The Newlyweds